July 2016

Lead in Water Pipes

By |2016-10-13T15:04:17+00:00July 7th, 2016|Health Concerns, Lead Pipes, Lead Poisoning, Water|

By Frederic Beaudry Lead was once a material commonly used to make plumbing – in fact, for many centuries. It is cheap, rust resistant, and easy to weld. Eventually health concerns encouraged a switch to alternate plumbing materials. Copper and specialized plastics (like PVC and PEX) are now choice products for water pipes in homes.   However, [...]

June 2016

New Website Announcement

By |2016-07-11T13:11:05+00:00June 30th, 2016|Corporate Announcement|

Champlain Global is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look, improved navigation and overall functionality. The new site launched on June 30th 2016, and you can visit us online at champlainglobal.com. We’ve added a ton of new interactive features and dynamic content, including: A responsive element that [...]